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This product is manufactured and distributed by Rocket 88 Books, an imprint of Essential Works. If you would like a refund of an item you have purchased on this site, please contact us and explain the circumstances. We will then contact you to confirm the status of your order and arrange the refund where applicable.

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Fancy owning the Abbey Road Studios desk used from 1971-1983? Amongst other things, Pink Floyd used it to record Dark Side of the Moon. It's up for auction at Bonhams or you can take a look at it in their London showroom until March 27.

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‘Fairport are in many ways, like The Grateful Dead, a band who become more than just a band; a life-affirming family bound by a tradition made of music.’ Richard Allen, Shindig Magazine In celebration of the band’s 50th anniversary, you can get your hands on ‘Fairport by Fairport’ with a FREE copy of their new album ’50:50’ for £29.99 – only until the end of March Only at https://rocket88books.com/products/fairport-by-fairport-hardback-edition-50-50-cd-bundle

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Pink Floyd will release previously unheard 1966 instrumental Interstellar Overdrive on 12-inch vinyl for this year’s Record Store Day.

Posted 2 days, 5 hours ago

Pink Floyd to launch Interstellar Overdrive for Record Store Day
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