Dinosaur Jr.

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Dinosaur Jr.
by Dinosaur Jr.

Visual of the Dinosaur Jr. book, published by Rocket 88This brand new, specially created limited edition book presents a unique oral history of the first thirty years of the band, as told by J, Lou, Murph and their closest friends and allies. Illustrated with rare, previously unseen and classic photographs, including early, rare band flyers and memorabilia, the book traces the history of Dinosaur Jr. in candid and revealing detail, from High School through to the present day.

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Rare and unseen

Includes photographs from the personal collections of friends and photographers who traveled with the band from the beginning of their career. There are also hand-made flyers designed by J, Maura Jasper and others, Mogo and Deep Wound memorabilia, original mid-80s fanzine interviews, gig contracts and family photos. Plus, some very early, candid and rare pictures of Deep Wound in rehearsal and Dinosaur Jr. at home, on tour and on stage.

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The text consists of new interviews with J, Lou, Murph and former members Mike Johnson and George Berz, all conducted solely for use in this book. There are also revealing, new contributions from long-time Dino friends such as Megan Jasper, Jens Jurgensen and Jon Fetler (AKA Jonny Vegas, AKA Swinging Jon), who recall hanging with Dino from since before they became Deep Wound up to now.

Two great

The book is available in two editions. Both are produced to the highest standards of publishing. The Classic edition is a stunning book in its own right while the Signature edition box set is signed by the band, limited in number and comes with an extra book and art prints.

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Here's a first glimpse of the exclusive 7" single that comes with Book of Opeth. It only comes with the first run of a 3,500 copies order quick or you'll miss out!. www.opethbook.com

Just arrived! Here's a first glimpse of the exclusive 7" single that comes with Book of Opeth. The 7" only comes with the first run of a 3,500 copies so best get your book ordered quick otherwise you'll miss out on this unique piece of Opeth's legacy. www.opethbook.com

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Just in time for Black Friday, the special silk edition of Vintage Black Glamour is back in stock! The hardcover is available too but so many of you requested the original silk edition that we had to bring it back - right in time for Christmas! You can buy it at Rocket 88 Books or on Amazon.com (see the comments for that link). Thanks again! http://rocket88books.com/products/vintage-black-glamour-special-edition

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We're working with designer and fine fellow Jonathan Barnbrook on a wonderful project that will be unveiled next year, can't help feeling he keeps being distracted with this David Bowie bloke. Designing Blackstar http://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/jonathan-barnbrook-david-bowie-blackstar?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=intsocial

As clients go, surely there can’t be many a designer would be prouder to work for than David Bowie. The musician’s career has been defined almost as much by his visual image and aesthetic as his music, so to work with someone that iconic (and I don’t use the word lightly), is something of an honour.…

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Jonathan Barnbook talks us through designing David Bowie's new album artwork
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